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o developed countries. He says China has to improve the application of science and technology in tackling the international financial crisis and climate change, and in improving people's daily lives.▓The People's Republic of China will celebrate its 60th birthday on October the first. The country has made significant achievements in science and technology over the years, particularly since opening up to the rest of the

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world thirty years ago▓. The Ministry of Science and Technology lauded these achievements at a press▓ conference this morning.Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao labeled the country's scientific and technologic▓al inno

vation as an "improvement pillar" at the opening ceremony of 2009 Summer Davos.The Ministry of Science and Technology agrees, saying China has r▓aised the benchmark in innovation. Since the founding of the People's Republic, Ch

ina has become a world leader in science and technology. The sector's 42 million-strong workforce is the biggest in the world and includes nearly 2 million research and development ▓engineers

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ailway."But the minist

.Li Xueyong, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science & Technology, said, "The Centr▓al Government has made science and technology a st▓rategic priority. The scientists and e

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ngineers are carrying heavy responsibi▓lities. We should grasp the precious opportunities of new▓ technological revolution, commit ourselves to innovation during development, and ▓build a count

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